Apple Watch Series 4 and Blue Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with yellow S-Pen - Leaks! Podcast

In this episode in my Leaks Podcast I talk about two new leaks, the first one is about the coming Apple Watch Series 4, and the other one is about a blue Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a yellow S-Pen.

The Apple Watch 4 looks quite beautiful with a bit larger display. I wish it could support Always-on display and third-party faces though. And then I mean third-party faces like the ones you can create with the Watchmaker App for Android. Like for example my Rolex ones.

And the Blue Samsung Galaxy Note 9 looks nice. Kinda odd with a yellow S-pen, but all different colored Galaxy Note 9 will apparently have a yellow S-pen, but with different colored top knobs to match the phone. So when it's in the phone you will not see the yellow pen. Interesting is also the new Bluetooth connection the S-Pen will have and all interesting new features.

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