Mac OS and Android OS - the operating systems of choice and freedom

Testing to write with JotterPad for Android to sync with my Mac. If I have something to say when mobile I can use this app to write it down and then continue on my Mac completely in sync. I like using Markdown when I write.

This is amazing because I love to be back on Mac and Dropbox makes it possible to sync all text between Android and Mac OS easily.

It’s almost nostalgically to use my old favorite apps on the Mac again. Apps like Ulysses, IA Writer and MarsEdit. By the way, now I am on the Mac and writing this in Ulysses. I absolutely love the very good Dropbox integration in Mac OS with some apps. Unfortunately, some apps have started to drop Dropbox support and instead using iCloud. I hate iCloud and there is no way to sync with an android phone. That’s very very bad. Dropbox is universal and should be an option in all text editors at least.

Otherwise, I am very excited to be back on the Mac for my content creation. Not many know that you can use an Android phone with a Mac very nicely together. Start creating on the Android phone, and then finish on the Mac easily. Works great. Using an Android phone together with a Mac works exactly as good as it does on Windows.

And Mac OS High Sierra is so good. So smooth, fast and stable. And as secure and open you want. You choose, and that’s exactly why I prefer Android over iOS.

So if you are an Android user because you like the freedom with Android OS, you can easily combine that with the best computer OS on the planet: Mac OS.