My new Mac Studio setup

I bought a new Apple Magic TrackPad 2 to match my Apple Magic Keyboard 2. I will use both of them together with my 27-inch HP 27es monitor, connected to my old Macbook Air from 2012. I will use the Macbook Air as a Mac mini connected to my large monitor all the time.

This setup will be my new content creation studio, where I will created podcasts, videos and text.
I was quite surprised to see that my 6 year old Macbook Air was able to update to the latest Mac OS High Sierra. That is very impressing. Apple is very good at keeping old hardware alive.

The only drawback that I’ve seen with this setup though, is that the fans start very easily on the Macbook Air.. Very annoying. I don’t know why it gets so warm easily. It gets warm by just doing some web browsing in the new Safari. That’s strange I think. I hope it’s because we have a very hot tropical climate right now here in Sweden, and the room is quite hot because of that. Because if the fans doesn’t stop doing so much noise, it will be hard to record quiet podcasts..

My microphone of choice is the Shure Motiv MV5, and the camera is actually an old Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, that can record 1080p. Sometimes I will use my mobile phone as my camera.
So there you go, that’s my studio setup for now. Some of you maybe wonder why? Because I always say that I use my mobile phone for everything, but yes I do, but this was a cool project to do, so I will try to use this as my content creation studio now. My smartphone will still be my main computer. As always.


  1. Hej, jeg tror det er fordi det er så varmt i vejret, mine computere bliver også nemt ophedede.


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