I am now Google Free - I don't use Google anymore

I am finally totally Google free. And by that I mean as free as I can be, because this website is on Google’s Blogger service and I also need Youtube where I have my video channel.

But everything else I have got rid of. Instead of Google Search I use Duck Duck Go, and I use Apple Maps instead of Google Maps, Apple Mail instead of Gmail, Apple Calendar instead of Google Calendar and Apple Safari instead of Google Chrome, as some examples.

If you want a better privacy, then I highly recommend you to get rid of Google. Start with switching to the iPhone from your Android phone, because that’s necessary to be able to do this. You simply can’t be Google free on an Android phone. Trust me, I know because I’ve tried.

Apple doesn’t track you, Apple doesn’t collect any user data, everything your iPhone knows about you, stays on your phone. Nothing is sent to Apple. Apple doesn’t have to collect data about you as Google does. Because they don’t have that as a business model as Google does.

Watch this video where I talk about this:


  1. Anonymous04:43

    Honest to goodness, trading Google for Apple doesn't seem a better option to me. DuckDuckGo search engine is fine, but I get nearly Google-level search engine performance using Bing. I continue to use Gmail because my bank accounts, credit cards, employer notifications, and government IDs are linked to it. I have uninstalled Google Chrome from my computer, and now I mostly use MS Edge which is also based on a Chromium browser, which means very similar appearance as Chrome. Edge + Bing feels much more private than Google because you don't get any trackers unless you log in into your Microsoft account, not needed at all. I do use Google Drive occasionally but have migrated out of Google Photos. I hate using YouTube but sometimes, it's unavoidable.

    1. The truth is that there is no better company than Apple for protecting out privacy. They don't need our data, they want the data to be your own. They don't want it. Not as Google that depends on it. What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone. You solutions is not as user friendly as just using Safari and that has Duck Duck Go built in. And then use all the built in features like the built in proxy that hides your iP for everyone, so ni advertiser companies can see it's you. You are quite wrong with everything you say. Read up on all the features that Apple has given us when it comes to protect us from companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and the rest that steals our data.


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