I am thinking of stop Listening to Audiobooks and only Read Books

I am "reading" over 50 books every year. That means both listening to audiobooks and reading ebooks. And when not listening to audiobooks I usually use my incredibly good and effective reading technique, that combines text-to-speech combined with normal reading. I listen to the text get read for me at the same time as I read it. All in perfect sync. This means that I can read faster because I don't have to pronounce the words in my head. I just have to follow a long with the read aloud text that is nicely marked so it's easy to follow a long. And by faster I mean up to 450 words a minute. Huge difference from just reading. I can highly recommend it and it's easy to do. And I am completely sure that everyone would appreciate if they only just tried it. And the comprehension is really great because it actually is normal reading. And much much better comprehension than listening to audiobooks, I can assure you that. And the US male Siri voice for iOS is awesome and sounds very natural. Trust me, you will be surprised.

But even if reading/listening to over 50 books a year is great, I am thinking of stop listening to audiobooks because the comprehension is so bad, so I think you destroy a good book by listening to it as an audiobook. I have many times said to my self that it was too bad that I was "just listening to it" than rather "reading it for real". I want to see the text. I want to see the drawings.

Stop listening to audiobooks and only reading books for real (using my great technique), would probably mean that I won't read as many books every year, but instead I will appreciate the books I read more. I think that's better in the long run.

Watch my videos about my TTS+Reading technique below: