My Apple Watch Series 4 Review

Here is my Apple Watch Series 4 review after using it for a while. It's the 44mm Silver Aluminum GPS version.

  • [ ] it's not just for battery life, it's for security reasons too that there is no always on screen. I don't want anyone to glance at my information that shows on the screen. It's about privacy. The screen needs to be on when I want it, and that is when I look at it. So I don't see the problem.
  • [ ] you should not think of it as a watch, it's a highly mobile and connected information device. That stores and presents your information.
  • [ ] the Siri watch face is definitely my favorite, by far
  • [ ] Siri doesn't work without an iPhone
  • [ ] GPS works great and are very precise
  • [ ] You can use podcasts and books without iPhone
  • [ ] Actually helps with your health
  • [ ] Great to capture thoughts and notes with the Drafts app on the Apple Watch
  • [ ] Too bad Todoist doesn't have any complications - but they say they working on it though
  • [ ] The great Task Management app GoodTask has excellent Apple Watch complications and features though.
  • [ ] The battery life is about the same as on the first gen for me. All day battery life. Around 50-60 % when I go to bed. Some users say that the battery last 48 hours for them, but I have a hard time seeing that personally. Maybe they don't use their watches? I did a test and I actually got 38 hours without charging. That's great to me.

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  1. For the first time since I've owned it I actually took a phone call from my doctor's office on my watch yesterday because my phone was in another room. The experience was equal parts really cool and really nerdy. I didn't feel like Dick Tracy, though.

    1. Great. Everyday I talk to my watch to add tasks, events and reply to messages and emails. Works great.

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