Samsung DeX without the dock is awesome! See videos

My Samsung Galaxy S8+ mobile phone got the Android 9 / Android Pie update with the Samsung One UI and all. But the coolest thing by far is the new Samsung DeX support without needing the DeX dock. You only need a HDMI to USB type-C cable, and you get the full Samsung DeX experience on any monitor or TV! Freaking awesome! And in fact, you don’t need anything else really. Not even a keyboard or mouse. Because using the phone itself as a touchpad and keyboard works so well. It is so cool to just plug a cable in and transform it to a full blown computer. And I also have a wireless charger that I put it flat on so I can charge it at the same time as using it as a touchpad and keyboard. So amazing!

And Samsung’s DeX Labs makes it possible to run almost all apps in full screen too. Even Netflix. So freaking awesome!

This is brilliant. This feels like the future. One device that can do all. Now I also understand why you can buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 with 12GB RAM. That would be very useful when you running a lot of apps at the same time in different windows in DeX mode.

I wish Apple could do something like this with the iPhone. Now when I have such a monster machine like the iPhone XS Max really is.

After using Samsung DeX on my Samsung Galaxy S8+, running Android Pie / Android 9 with Samsung One UI for a couple of days, I can simply just say, it's amazing! I now have a full blown desktop computer in my pocket! I can design watch faces on a large display, I can video edit on a large display. All from a phone with a really smart desktop mode called DeX!

My Samsung Galaxy S8+ got updated to Android 9 and Samsung One UI, and with that it got full DeX support without the DeX dock! You only need a HDMI to USB type-C cable. Nothing else. Really awesome! Works great!

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