Android Q Desktop Mode will make all mobile phones into desktop computers

I must admit that the DeX mode on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ is very useful. It's like having a full blown desktop computer always with you in your pocket. Just plug a HDMI to USB-C cable into the phone and a monitor or TV, and you have the DeX mode! A full desktop experience. If you want, you can even use an external mouse and keyboard together with the phone, but most of the time, using the phone itself as a touchpad and mouse is enough. No need to carry a keyboard and mouse with you. Works great with Samsung DeX. I am not sure that feature is available in the Android Q Desktop Mode yet though.

Android is getting into form factors that, during its birth were probably never envisioned. That’s not only smartwatches and smart TVs but even things like set-top boxes, laptops and Chromebooks, and, of course, foldable phones. Google, however, is also preparing another relatively new territory for Android: Android desktop from your phone.

Via Android Q desktop mode silently prepared for a multi-screen future - SlashGear