App Tip: FileBrowserGO for iOS - a file manger that can do anything you want

I'm using my iPhone XS Max as my main computer so a good file manager is important. FileBrowserGO is the best there is for iOS. It has all the features you need plus more. You can even sync files between your iPhone and your computer automatically. For example your Camera Roll.

So every time you come home and connects to your home network, it starts to transfer all your photos you have taken during the day to your computer's hard drive. Automatically.

Or the files you have downloaded, Zip files, free ebooks, documents and much more. They get automatically synced. If you want.

FileBrowser is the easiest file explorer for iOS and provides access to many cloud storage providers, your PC, Mac, network drives, and unites them as one.

It's one of my most used apps, and I have payed for a subscription to get all the features. It's worth every penny.

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