My Oris Williams Chronograph Carbon Fibre Extreme Watch Face

Oris Williams Chronograph Carbon Fibre Extreme is a very popular watch. So I decided to make my own version of it as a watch face for smartwatches. You need to have the Watchmaker Premium app to use my watch faces for free. The Oris WIlliams Chronograph Carbon Fibre Extreme watch face is compatible with Android Wear OS and Samsung Tizen OS. So you can use it with Android Wear watches and Samsung Gear, Samsung Galaxy watches.

Oris Williams Chronograph Carbon Fibre Watch Face features:

  • Tap at 6 oclock to choose between 7 different brightness levels.
  • On this watchface i also added an automatic decrease of brightness after sunset. It decreases the brightness with 50%. And get to normal brightness again at sunrise.
  • To activate my weather station feature, tap at 12 oclock. Tap again to hide.
  • Start/Stop Stopwatch between 10 and 11. Reset between 1 and 2.

Direct Download

How to download and install my watch faces


  1. Anonymous06:27

    Thanks! Love your work. It's clear that you're passionate about this! Love the beers in your blog too!

    1. Thanks, you’re welcome

    2. Nice watch face, thanks

    3. We need Rado watch face please

  2. Dim mode is not working


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