Privacy. That’s iPhone. No matter what Google says

"Privacy. That's iPhone." Yeah the iPhone is the only way at the moment if you want your privacy. No matter what Google tries to persuade you with on the latest Google I/O keynote. What ever Google say, they will always have a business model collecting user data and selling that to advertisers. Apple doesn't. In fact, Apple doesn't even want your data. Everything that happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone. Apple's AI works on your iPhone and doesn't send anything to Apple. And if you choose to send your data, for example to iCloud or with iMessage, then it uses End-to-End encryption you are the only one that has the key. No one else can see your data. No matter what.

Apple on Friday published a third installment to an ad series focusing on iPhone privacy, with the latest commercial throwing a spotlight on the company's end-to-end encrypted iMessage platform.

Apple's campaign arrives amidst a wider push for data privacy in the tech sector. Over the past few weeks, serial offenders Facebook and Google have attempted to recast their respective public images as born-again reformers, promising transparency and offering user tools to manage collected information. Both, however, continue to operate business strategies reliant on customer data.

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Via Apple's latest iPhone privacy ad touts iMessage encryption