Plex has changed how I consume Media

Having a Plex Media Server is awesome. It's not only awesome for streaming movies and TV shows. It's awesome to stream music and audiobooks too.

And now when I have unlimited mobile data plan, I use it all the time for that. It's so great to be able to stream everything to all my devices where ever I am. Works so great.

So for example when I am at work sitting in my office, I can stream music to my AirPods that are connected to my iPhone XS Max while working. Or streaming an audiobook to my 2019 Mercedes Benz A-class car sound system while driving to and home from work.

Or why not stream a TV show to one of my monitors at work during my lunch break?

It's so easy, and it works flawlessly.

By the way, Plex doesn't support Audiobooks, so I did a normal music library but with audiobooks instead of music albums. It works great because Plex supports variable speed when listening to audio. And when you create that library you have the option to choose that Plex should remember the listening position. So you have everything you need for listening to audiobooks. The only drawback is that Plex doesn't add any meta data for the audiobooks. So you have to tag and name them correctly.

Plex has totally changed how I consume media. And the next time I get a Lifetime Plex Pass offer, I will take it. Not so much for all the extra features I get with that, but more to give my support to the developers.

The things I am looking forward to with a Plex Pass is to be able to download subtitles and sync them in the app itself, and all the extra photo library features. Like uploading all the photos I take with my iPhone to my Plex server automatically, for example.

Plex is awesome.