Back on Mac OS on the MacBook Air again to prepare for an iPad

I am back on Mac OS on my old 11-inch MacBook Air from 2012 again. I'm using it as a substitute for an iPad Pro actually. I want to use a device with a larger screen that syncs apps and content between my devices, my iPhone XS Max and at the moment my MacBook Air. I am planning to buy an iPad in the future but I don't know when yet.

Maybe I wait to next year and skip buying a new iPhone and buy an iPad Pro instead? Because I think my iPhone XS Max will still be enough for what I do then, and having a larger display on the iPad Pro to work on will be a perfect fit. Syncing apps and content between the iPhone and iPad will be great.

Meanwhile, I will use my beloved 11-inch Macbook as an iPad Pro substitute in the same way I would use an iPad. Except for video editing, because it can't handle 4K video, but my iPhone XS Max can. So I will still do my video editing on my iPhone.

Watch me talking about this in the video below:

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