Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Unboxing and Comparison!

Below you can watch my unboxing and hardware/design comparison of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ in Aura Black with 256GB storage, and the Samsung Galaxy S10+ in Prism Black. Screen size of the Note10 Plus is 6.7-inch, and the screen size of the S10 Plus is 6.4-inch. I really like the large 6.7-inch display. I like large displays because I use phones as my main computer. Both phones feels very light in the hand. Much lighter than my iPhone XS Max.

The pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus feels very plastic though. Otherwise both phones has a great build quality, and great design. The best you can get on the Android platform if you ask me.

The Note 10+ is more rectangular as it should be (the Note always is), the S10+ has more rounded corners. The Note 10 Plus is both taller and wider. That makes the screen bigger in total. It's quite a bit taller actually, so it will be harder to have it in the front pocket of your jeans.

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  1. Kleendroid16:13

    We need to convert you back to Android. The Iphone is nice but a bit on the boring side.

    You sound a bit like Thor Gunderson "The Swede" from the TV show Hell on Wheels.

    1. Unfortunately I won’t. And when my Samsung Galaxy S8+ doesn’t work anymore I can’t even do watch faces anymore :(

    2. Kleendroid20:37

      Not doing any more watch faces will be unacceptable :) Time to start doing double time on face production :)


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