This year's iPhone, the iPhone 11 will be called iPhone Pro, according to a reliable leaker

A very reliable source, tweeted on Twitter that Apple will use the name ”Pro” for this year’s iPhone. The iPhone 11. And I say, it’s about time. I have many times said that they should in my videos on Youtube, and also written that here on my blog. It makes perfectly sense to name the ”XS” the iPhone Pro and the ”XR” just iPhone. So that we have an iPhone Pro and a normal iPhone. Exactly as we have Pro versions of both iPads and MacBooks.

”iPhone Pro” and just ”iPhone” is a lot better names than iPhone XI Max, iPhone XI and iPhone XR2

I mean you don’t even need to have different names on the two different sizes we have of the ”Pro”. The iPad Pro is only differentiated with the size after the name. So why not do the same with the iPhone Pro? Makes perfectly sense.

This leaker has tweeted a lot of stuff that has been correct before. Like the naming of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR a week before they were announced. He/She was also completely right when it came to the exact weight of the iPhone XS Max, and he/she also described the default wallpapers and even the grille hole arrangement seen on both iPhone XS phones.