How to block Bluetooth tracking (Beacons) in iOS 13 on an iPhone English/Swedish

In the videos below in both English and Swedish, I talk about the new Bluetooth Privacy feature in iOS 13. I Also show you how you can block and disable apps from tracking you via Bluetooth beacons.

Bluetooth tracking is something that has been possible before iOS 13 without your knowledge, and still are possible on Android.

It’s a huge privacy breach.

Prior to iOS 13, apps could use Bluetooth to collect detailed location data from users without explicit permission, using tracking beacons in retail stores and other public locations. Even if users had denied an app access to their location data, Bluetooth could have provided a workaround for that without your knowledge.

Bluetooth tracking often comes into play at retail stores. By setting up beacons that passively sniff out nearby Bluetooth devices, retailers can tell exactly where shoppers are inside a store based on the beacons’ proximity to users’ smartphones.

English video:

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Swedish video: