Philips OneBlade Face and Body QP2620 Shaver Unboxing and Review!

In the video below in both English and Swedish, I’ll unbox and talk about the Philips OneBlade Face and Body QP2620 shaver! First I do the review and lastly the unboxing. During the unboxing you can also hear quite low in the background, a clip from one of my own ambient tracks called Red Light.

The Philips OneBlade shaver is great because you should change the blade about every 4 months, so you always have very sharp blade. With normal shavers you usually use them until they are not sharp anymore, and then just throw them away.

It has 1mm, 3mm and 5mm heads to choose your perfect beard trimming with. It also has two different protection heads for intimate shaving.

And it also comes with a protection carrying case for the blade itself. Great when traveling.

In English:

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In Swedish: