If you care about privacy you should use Bear app for all your notes and writings

Recently I bought the popular writing / note-taking app Bear. One of the reasons why I bought it is because it uses end-to-end encryption of user notes. It is an easy-to-use note-taking app with state-of-the-art data protection. The Bear app uses Themis library with AES-GCM-256 with KDF encryption, where each note of each user is encrypted with a unique encryption key.

The Bear app team values the privacy and information belonging to their users. To make that a reality, they teamed up with Cossack Labs.

The trick was to build a reliable note encryption into the application flow in a way that doesn’t ruin the user experience.

Their goal was to protect user notes by making it impossible for Bear engineers, Apple, or a man-in-the-middle to read the notes.

Another goal was to have deep support of Apple’s platform security features like biometric authentication, integration with SecureEnclave and iCloudKeychain, and use CloudKit security practices.

They also dedicated a lot of time and effort to the synchronisation process. So that the user could write a note on their iPhone, and then continue writing on their iPad or Mac. Bear syncs the encrypted note content and info about note’s encryption key, so that the user can continue editing a note on their iPad or Mac right after proving their identity by entering a password or using Touch ID or Face ID.

And this works really well. The Bear app syncs everything seamlessly, and you can easily continue to work on your notes and text on any of your Apple devices. And at the same time always feel safe that your notes is for you only, and no one else.

I can highly recommend the Bear app for all your writings, if you appreciate your privacy.


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