Testing Day One for blogging to see if I need to buy Bear app

Testing to blog with Day One.

Before I decide to buy Bear app for all my writings I want to see if Day One is enough. I already pay for a Day One premium subscription, so why not use it more than for Journaling?

Day One supports Markdown that I love to write in, so that is good. Let’s see how good it is to export to HTML code though.

After have written this, I tested to export as HTML and that didn’t work so well, but I could easily export as Markdown code into Drafts app. From Drafts I could then export as HTML and paste in to my blog editor.

I can also send quotes with title and link to source from webpages to Day One to blog if I want. That is also one thing I need.

So the answer to my question if I could use Day One for blogging, the answer is actually yes. But I don’t know if it’s so easy as I wanted it though.

But I must say that I now can’t decide what to use. Maybe it’s unnecessary to buy Bear app when I already pay for Day One?

I will check out how good blogging works in the Day One for Mac app too before I decide.


  1. INK for ALL made our process around posting blogs to our static site so much faster with its integrated markdown export option. You can export in a format compatible with Hugo as well


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