This is the main reasons why I can’t be without an Apple Watch

I bought an Apple Watch Series 4 in February this year (2019), and I must say that is one of the best devices I’ve ever bought. It has already become one of my most important devices.

It’s so fast that I can do most of the things I want to do directly on the Apple Watch instead of having to pick up my iPhone to do so.

I can listen to audiobooks and podcasts directly on the Apple Watch for example, by only using my Apple AirPods connected directly to my Apple Watch instead. The Castro Podcast Player makes it possible to sideload DRM free audiobooks and other audio files, that you then can choose to sync to your watch. So for example can you choose that Castro should sync the latest 10 files you have in your Queue to your Apple Watch. Then you can listen to them without using your iPhone.

And I love to use the Bear app to take notes with just my voice directly on the Apple Watch. You can even append to the same note if you want. Awesome.

The same thing with the journaling app of my choice, Day One, it’s so easy to add journal entries directly from the watch to your Journal.

And Apple’s Reminders app makes it so easy to tick off todo’s and add new ones.

I use Siri Shortcuts on my Apple Watch too and much more. See the video below.

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