Apple switches to mini-LED in late 2020 - starts with the iPad

Apparently will Apple switch to mini-LED technology next year, according to the reliable Apple analyst MIng-Chi Kuo. They will start with the iPad and MacBook line .

Kuo predicts that Apple will bring mini LED to 4-6 products over time, but that the switch over will start with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in Q3 2020. Kuo says that this iPad Pro model will feature the mini LED display as well as a more powerful A14X processor.

If that timeline is true, it will mean that I have to wait until Q3 2020 to buy an iPad. I had hopes for Q1 2020, but it looks like that is not the case. Or maybe they will update the iPad two times next year? Anyways, I want both mini-LED and the new great 5nm A14x processor, so it looks more like Q3 for me.

What is the benefits with mini LED panels then? Well, the panels are thinner and are more power efficient, they have a rich wide color gamut, high dynamic range, high contrast ratio and localized dimming, and they don’t suffer from burn-in like OLED does.

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