This is why 64GB iPhone storage is enough

Nowadays I always buy the smallest storage option for my iPhone. Even if I use it as my main computer, and even record videos and edit them on the iPhone. You actually don’t need more physical storage than 64GB on your iPhone. That is all thanks to Apple’s iCloud.

First, I let iCloud Photo Library handle its storage needs. It keeps only the most recent shots as full resolution images. Everything else is available as a thumbnail and then iOS downloads it as needed. When you have more than 100GB of photos, that comes in handy on a 64GB iPhone.

So to me it’s more important to pay for a large iCloud storage. At the moment, I have 200GB, but I am planning to get the 2TB option later on.

Second, I let iOS offload apps. That way, I still have all of the apps that I use regularly but all of the ones I don't, get offloaded. They're still visible on my Home screen and can be downloaded when tapped. I have fast internet, so that isn't an issue – your mileage may vary, there – and all saved data is exactly that, saved. It's like magic, but with science behind it.

And with iOS 13 you can even choose to download files from the web directly to iCloud, and with some apps like Infuse you can even stream movie files directly from iCloud.

And with apps like Castro podcast player, you can sideload DRM free audiobooks and other audio files from your iCloud storage to listen to. Castro seamlessly adds it to your listening queue on your iPhone, and silently removes it from your iPhone automatically when you have listened to the file(s), but they are still available in your library that is stored in iCloud for later use if you want.

These are only a few examples on how smart the iCloud service is in iOS. This is why you actually don’t need more iPhone storage. You simply need more iCloud storage. So if you have for example 200GB of photos, that is no problem for a 64GB iPhone. If you have a 128GB iPhone you will still fill up your storage exactly as much anyways. You will still only have half of the storage left. Because iCloud Photo Library do this for you. Only the photos you look at or use is downloaded, all the others are stored in iCloud and you just see the thumbnails on your iPhone.

It’s genius really. It’s brilliant.

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