I have an iPhone - do I really need an iPad?

I can’t decide If I should buy an iPad Pro this year, or if I should buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max instead? Or even wait one more year because my iPhone XS Max is still so incredibly good? Do I really need an iPad? See the vlog below where I talk about this in deep.

Personally I don’t think I need an iPad, because I already have so many other things in my house that I can use when I need a larger display. And I video edit on my iPhone XS Max comfortably already, and are used to it. And I don’t want to read books on an iPad because it’s too large. The iPhone XS Max has the perfect size for reading books. I can easily hold it in one hand laying on my side in bed.

And this year’s iPhone will be awesome with a 5nm CPU and and even better Neural engine. These are the biggest reasons why I am tempted to buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max this year instead of an iPad Pro.

So what would I use an iPad for? I can’t really find any use for it. Can you?

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