Did you know that I carry two phones?

In the video below I talk about that I always carry two phones with me. I do it because I need both the Apple experience and the Android experience in my daily life. So I carry both an iPhone XS Max and a Samsung Galaxy S8+ every day, where ever I am. And I’ve done that since I switched back to the iPhone as my main phone, my main computer when the iPhone XS Max was released. And I will definitely continue doing so.

I need the Samsung DeX desktop experience, server capabilities and more that my Samsung phone gives me, that the iPhone can’t give me. And I need the Apple ecosystem and seamless experience that my iPhone and Apple Watch gives me.

Hopefully I can soon upgrade my Android experience with a new and more modern Samsung phone, and also upgrade my Apple experience with a new iPad Pro this Fall.

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  1. Are you going to make anymore watchfaces ?

    1. Of course. Why do you ask that on this post? I do watch faces when I get the time and feel for it.

    2. Not the original OP but i was reading this article and was wondering if you plan on doing any Patek watchfaces? I found some online, but they're not the same quality as your's. Cheers and thank you for the awesome work!


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