Unboxing Two portable 4TB Seagate Expansion+ external hard drives for my FreeNAS

I've made my own FreeNAS of an old laptop, so I bought these two small Seagate Expansion+ external hard drives as a 4TB mirrored Pool. Below is my unboxing of the two disks.

I will use my FreeNAS as a local file server and Plex server. I don't have computers anymore, just a server and my iPhone XS Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and my old Samsung Galaxy S8+. With my Samsung phones, I also use as desktop computer via the excellent feature Samsung DeX. I use that a lot. Ilove that you can use your phone as a desktop computer with a large display, keyboard and mouse.

So the FreeNAS is excellent to have together with my portable mobile computers that my phones really is.

Check out the video here:

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