I use Drafts for Task Management (GTD)

I bought a Drafts Pro subscription to be able to create Workspaces for the Getting Things Done methodology.

I created Workspaces for Next Actions, Actions, Someday/Maybe and Reference. I also created Workspaces for some Context (Areas Of Interests) like Home, Work, YouTube, Blog.

So now when adding new notes to the Drafts Inbox, I can tag them with the right tags to add them to the right Workspaces in Drafts.

So if I tag them with the tag “Actions” it gets added to the Actions Workspace, and if I tag them with the tag “Next” it also gets added to the Next Actions Workspace. If I tag them with “Someday”, they gets added to the Someday Workspace instead. I follow GTD strictly, so this is the way I want it.

All the notes that are tagged with “Next” I leave in the Inbox, because that is what I need to do next. That way I get a counting badge on the Drafts app icon with all the Actions I need to get done.

Everything else is archived and can get found in their own Workspaces respectively.

It’s important to do a review of all “Actions” and “Someday/Maybe” often. When I am doing a review and I find some Actions that I need to be doing, then I add the tag Next and move it to the Drafts Inbox.

When a Task is done, I add the tag “Done” and archive it. Then it gets removed from all the Workspaces (Next Actions, Actions, Someday/Maybe).

All other tasks that needs a specific due Date or Time, I’ll add to my Calendar. Exactly how it says in the Getting Things Done methodology.

So that is how I do Task Management (GTD) with Drafts for iOS.

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