My Future Plan for my devices - An iPad Pro is the key to everything

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot on which devices I will buy and use in the coming year. I have a soon two years old iPhone XS Max, the latest Apple Watch Series 5, a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and an old Samsung Galaxy S8+.

No “normal” computer because I am a mobile YouTuber.

My plan is to buy an iPad Pro, but not until it gets the next A14 CPU by Apple. So probably not until 2021.

The iPad Pro will replace most of the stuff I do on the iPhone XS Max, and also what I use Samsung DeX for with my Galaxy Note 10+.

So I won’t need a fancy powerful new iPhone anymore. The iPad will be that for me. Together with the excellent Apple Watch that I use more and more. It’s so easy to see notifications, replying to messages, create todos and tasks, create Drafts and using it with Siri. I really love the Apple Watch. It’s like a mini iPhone.

So I won’t buy a new iPhone anytime soon. My iPhone XS Max will be good enough as long as it lives. Hopefully until 2022. Then it will be 4 years old. It could be tough to have the battery live that long, but it’s not totally impossible. I need it for my Apple Watch though.

It sounds more and more as I am going back completely to Apple again. Android doesn’t have much room in my future plan.

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