Why a smaller battery in the iPhone 12 doesn't matter - it will still have an excellent battery life thanks to 5nm CPU

‪There is a lot of talk between big Tech and YouTube profiles about a rumor that the next iPhone, the iPhone 12 will have a 10% smaller battery. And it seems that these persons doesn’t understand so much about the 5nm A14 CPU the iPhone 12 will have. So I have to write a short comment on this. The 5nm process of the A14 chipset will make it at least 30% more power efficient. That is much more important than that it will be incredibly much more powerful too.

So a 5nm processor does use a lot less power. You can get battery life that last days if Apple wants too. So to me a tiny bit smaller battery in the iPhone 12 is not negative. It’s positive. You get longer battery life and a lighter phone. ‬

You can see a over one year old video below where I talk about this:

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