iPhone 12 will have magnets inside but I think they are for docking the iPhone in a Laptop Dock

There is a lot of talk on Youtube and social networks about a new iPhone 12 leak that shows that the iPhone will get magnets inside it. And also in Apples original iPhone 12 cases. And all so called pundits thinks it’s to help line up the iPhone on a wireless charger, but I believe they are wrong.

I think they are wrong because there is also leaks and rumors that the iPhone 12 will get a smart connector on the side of the iPhone. So I believe these new magnets is to help the iPhone to line up to the smart connector.

As I have talked about I a Youtube video, I think Apple is working on their own “Samsung DeX Mode”, that makes the iPhone being able to run macOS when connected to a monitor or mounted in a laptop dock dummy station. And the latter is where the smart connector comes in. The laptop dummy unit will make the iPhone into a fully featured “MacBook” that uses the iPhone as a TouchPad. So to make this work it has to have a smart connector on the side that lines up perfectly into the laptop dummy unit. And that is what I believe the magnets in the iPhone 12 is meant for. Same thing for the iPhone original cases. The hole where you will put down your iPhone in, must fit all different sized coming Pro iPhones, so the magnets will help sturdy up the iPhone so that it can be used as a TrackPad.

I’m just saying :)

See my video where I talk about Apple’s own Samsung DeX mode:

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