My iPhone XS Max after using it for exact two years

After using my iPhone XS Max for exact two years, I can only say that I am more than happy with it. It has been one of the best devices I have ever bought. It has been my main computer for two years, and I have been using it for video editing, blogging and all other normal stuff too. Now my iPad Air 4 (2020) will take over as my main computer, and my Apple Watch Series 5 will do more of the normal "phone" stuff like sending and answering on messages and emails. Both the iPad and Apple Watch will be dependent of the old iPhone XS Max though. It will be an Internet Hotspot for the iPad, and the Apple Watch needs it to be connected. 

More info:

This is what I am talking about in this video:

- Battery health 
- storage space (LumaFusion bug)
- First time I used a case on an iPhone 
- My old leather case and my new 
- my plan for it
- What I will use it for 

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