One more step in my privacy project

I have now stopped using Instagram too. The account is still there but just for a short while. The reason why I haven't deleted it yet is because I want as many people as possible to see all the other ways they can find me and contact me on. But I will soon delete the account completely. 

After that I only have Twitter left to get rid off. But that will be harder because I have a newsletter with many subscribers that is based on my twitter account. Maybe I will keep my twitter account but only use it for my newsletter? I haven't decided yet.

My goal is to get rid of everything and only use my YouTube channel and this website that you read this post on. You will find me here and on my YouTube channel. It's the only places I will post updates, articles and videos on. Nowhere else.

That way I have got rid of all the nasty social services that tracks you and collects data about you and sell it. Data vampires.

And once again, I recommend you to only use Apple products as much as you can. They are on your side when it comes to privacy. Use Safari web browser, it's awesome for privacy, use iMessage for messages, it uses end to end encryption. Use iPhone (and/or iPad), it doesn't send your private data to any third party. It uses a Neural engine on the device. What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.