Which iPad Air 4 (2020) should I buy?

Just in a few days will the new iPad Air 2020 be available to order. And I can’t decide between the green or blue version. I can’t decide between the 64GB or 256GB storage either.  Yes I will use it for video editing and so on, but I will use external drives for my media. And 64GB has been more than enough for me on my iPhone XS Max. Even if I have used it for video production and video editing. 

If I buy the 64GB version I can already afford to buy the Apple Magic Keyboard for it. With the 256GB I need to wait a while before I can buy it. 

But at the same time, iPad apps takes up more storage space than iPhone apps, so 64GB can definitely be too little for me because I use a lot of apps. Decisions, decisions.

One thing I am sure of though is that I won’t buy the cellular LTE version this time though. I will use Internet sharing from my iPhone instead. I mean, my Apple Watch needs my iPhone so why not the iPad?