The Apple Watch gets a lot worse battery life with WatchOS 7

Sadly after installing WatchOS 7 on my Apple Watch Series 5, the battery life has gotten so much worse so I can practically not use features like Sleep Tracking anymore… If I charge it to 100% before I go to sleep, I now only have around 60% battery when I wake up. Before WatchOS 7 I had 88%. Huge difference. And I still go to bed and wake up at the exact same time as before, so no difference there.

So why Is it like this? I don’t understand that. I don’t think there is so huge difference when it comes to features and so on in WatchOS 7 compared to the last version of WatchOS 6.

We now have WatchOS 7.3 and still no fix for this, in fact, I even got the feeling that the battery life got even worse with the latest version.

My biggest wish for coming Apple Watches is that it got drastically better battery life, otherwise the product will vain in usefulness instead of taking over more and more user cases from the iPhone.

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