How to minimize Headaches, Migraines & Eye Strains when reading on an iPhone or iPad (Android too)

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) is a technique used for dimming OLED displays. But PWM makes the screen flicker so that some users can get headaches, migraines and eye strain when reading on a device with OLED display. You can’t see the flickering but your eyes can. The eye muscles has to always work because of the screen flickering. That’s why your eyes and head hurt after a while. PWM Flicker is simply put, really bad for your reading experience and for your health of your eyes. In this tutorial I show you how to minimize PWM flickering on your iPhone and iPad. Some of the tips also works on Samsung Galaxy phones. All iPhone from iPhone XS Max and above has PWM flickering (except for iPhone SE 2 I think), and the iPad Pros has that too. And all recent Samsung Galaxy Phones has it too. Fortunately the new iPad Air 4 (2020) doesn’t have the PWM flickering! But I also show you a nifty trick to make the iPad Air 4 better for reading too, because PWM flickering is not the only bad thing for your eyes when reading, the backlit display is too… So I learn you have to make your devices great for reading again. And how to make them more like a real E-Ink ebook reader. Watch the tutorial below. Simply explained, you always have to have 100% brightness on a OLED display to minimize PWM flicker, and also reduce the white point if possible on your device (on iPhone and iPad you can, but not on Samsung Galaxy phones).

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