Lenovo Thinkplus TrackPods tw50 from LightInTheBox - AirPods 3 clones

Apple AirPods 3 will soon be released and the rumor says that they will look like the AirPods Pro but without the silicon rubber tips. The wireless headphones Lenovo Thinkplus TrackPods tw50 from LightInTheBox is exactly designed like that. They are very easy to pair with both iOS and Android (even if I failed with Android in the video - I missed that you need to tap the touch button the first time). And they connect really fast every time you take them out from the charging case. They are very light, much lighter than both the normal Apple AirPods and the Apple AirPods Pro. The charging case is also a lot smaller. Quite tiny actually. So my guess is that the battery life is probably not so good on the Lenovo Thinkplus TrackPods tw50. And the bass is not so good either. Not tinny but not so good either. They sound quite neutral. They are very comfortable to wear because of no silicon tips and because they are so light. I can recommend them because of the very cheap price. See my video with them below.

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Lenovo Thinkplus TrackPods tw50


AirPods 3

Watch video with the Thinkplus TrackPods (AirPods 3 clones) here:

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