About my Watch Faces - I have a question for you!

I have noticed that my watch faces is quite popular. Unfortunately I don't have an Android Wear OS watch anymore or any Samsung Galaxy Watch to develop new on, so I can only create them on my Mac and my phone now and hope for that they look good on the watches. My old Huawei Watch 1 is simply to old now. No battery life left.

Therefore I have not done so many new watch faces, but I would like to do some from time to time. 

Another thing is that I don't have so much time to do all the coding for my weather station features and dimming features on every watch face.

So my question to you is if it could be alright to release new watch faces without those features?

If so, I could eventuelly find time to create a few more.


  1. Hi, I think your watch faces are really beautiful! Maybe rather than creating new watch faces, perhaps you can improve the ones you already created.. For example: adding text information (weather, battery, steps?, etc..) from the 12 o'clock in the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Deepsea Sea Dweller and Breitling SuperOcean.. Both are very beautiful watch faces... Having text info on them would be great.. & also making seconds hand movement more fluent in both faces... Thank you so much for your TIME!

    1. The second hands moves exactly as the original Rolex watches does. No difference at all. I have programmed with code to get the exact movement. Maybe you haven’t seen the real watches?

    2. Unfortunately I haven't :( Can you please add text info to above faces (Rolex blue Deepsea 'Sea Dweller' Breitling 'gun blue' and 'turquoise'?)

  2. Good morning Stefan, for me it's the same: Battery life and step counter, that's what Im looking for in a watch. For all the other info's I use my phone. Im using a Zeblaze Thor 4 with Android 7.1, the flat tyre screen. That's why I "manipulated your Tudor North flag a bit: weather data out, step counter in, and the touch area at the bottom up a bit, so that I have access to this function. What I really like in your faces is: really easy to read, not overloaded with buttons and finally the auto dim function. A big compliment from Windhoek in Namibia. Achim

  3. I love the faces and use them religiously on my Samsung Gal 3. I could do without the weather to keep getting the faces. LOVE your work

  4. Anonymous06:57

    I would prefer new watch faces if it meant there was no other information on them - there are plenty of options to add weather/steps/etc.. I'd rather have a beautiful watch face than worry about all that other information I can easily get by swiping my watch or checking my phone. Keep up the great work!


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