This is why I decided to buy a M1 Mac mini and not the new M1 iMac

I ordered a M1 Mac mini today. And yes I know that Apple unveiled the new M1 iMac recently. In this video I tell you why I decided to buy the Mac mini instead and why I decided to buy a new computer now when I have said that I use my iPad Air 4 with Magic Keyboard as my only computer, my main computer. I think you understand if you watch the video below.

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M1 Mac mini

M1 iMac

I needed a new computer because my MacBook Air that I used as a file server is from 2012 (9 yers old!) and starts to be really slow and old. And the new entry level M1 iMac is double so expensive, has no ethernet port, only has two thunderbolt ports and nothing else. And it’s ugly as heck. The entry level M1 Mac mini is half as expensive, has a lot of ports, an ethernet port and a HDMI port. And I already has a great monitor, Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple Magic TouchPad. So I only need the computer unit itself. Nothing else. So the M1 Mac mini is the one I need. Nothing else.

Watch the video here:

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