BREITLING Avenger BLACKBIRD 44 - my latest watch face you can download for free

Below you can download my latest watch face BREITLING Avenger BLACKBIRD 44, that works with the Watchmaker app. That app supports both WearOS and Tizen OS watches, so check what watches Watchmaker supports instead of asking me all the time if your watch is supported. I have nothing to do with the app itself. I just design watch faces for fun and pleasure.

I didn't add any fancy features like my weather station, or auto dimming this time. Just a beautiful watch face. I did code the movement of the second hand as close as the original I could though.


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  1. Wow...!

    Thank you very much...

  2. Thanks! Your great!

  3. Anonymous08:46

    Very very nicht Bro, best watchface ever

  4. Gerhard01:11

    Unbelievable great work, thank you so much!


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