A kind of a Mac Mini M1 review and a Back To The Mac explanation

M1 Mac mini made me go back to the Mac. I use it for Video editing in Final Cut Pro. I create thumbnails in Pixelmator Pro. I write everything I need to write in Drafts for Mac. I use it as a file server for all my YouTube files I need. And I use as a Plex server. Everything works so great! I really love it. The iPad Air 4 (2020) with Magic Keyboard is still great as a laptop though. I use it a lot as that. I have my hopes up that Apple will allow us to run Mac apps on the iPad someday. Why not when the Mac can run iPad apps? Maybe we will even be able to boot MacOS when connected to an externa display? Or. maybe just a special mode that can run Mac apps but only the that are available in the App Store. I really hope so. Maybe we will see that already on WWDC 2021?

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Mac mini M1

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