Going caseless with the iPhone again

iPhone XS Max was the first iPhone ever that I used a case on because it felt so slippery with it’s glossy glass back and rounded corners. But when or if I buy the iPhone 13 Pro Max this year, it probably has an aluminium backside and no rounded corners, I will go case-less again. The iPhone 13 (or maybe it’s called iPhone 12s) will because of the aluminium backside and flat design, have a lot better grip. It will probably feel a lot more grippy and not so slippy as my iPhone XS Max. And hopefully the iPhone 13 Pro Max display will not has so much PWM Flickering (a display that uses PWM Dimming). So I don't get headaches and eye fatigue while reading books on it.

The display looks all the more stunning without the case protruding from the sides. The phone felt lighter and more comfortable in my hands too. I really enjoying the lightness, thinness, portability and how it feels in the hand without a case.

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iPhone 13 Pro Max