How to enable Hello screensaver in macOS Big Sur on all Macs

Apples new Hello screen saver is not installed and activated in macOS Big Sur on any Mac except the new 24 inch iMac M1. In this tutorial I show you how to enable it on any Mac running macOS Big Sur. I use my M1 Mac mini in this example. But it works on all Macs that runs Big Sur. It’s easy so check the tutorial video below on how to do it! 

1. On your Mac running macOS Big Sur 11.3 or later versions, open the System folder and click on Library.

2. Now, click on Screen Savers.

3. Drag the "Hello.saver" file on your desktop 

4. Rename the file to anything you want but keep .saver in the end

5. Double click on the file and then follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

More info: 

Watch video here: