Light Mi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - Better than Philips Hue?

The Light Mi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit can sync one HDMI source with the colors on your TV, and it does it really great! The Philips Hue Sync Box can do it with more sources and supports higher FPS and HDR, but it costs a lot more money and you need to my Philips Hue lights and a hub too. With Light Mi Neo you get two excellent full LED light strips in the box that are ready to plug in to the sync box. All for just 119 US dollar. Watch video below.

More info:

Video manus:

  • Unboxing
  • Ports (only one source)
  • Euro power adapter (of course you get the right plug when buying it)
  • User manual (goes through all the necessary steps in a good way)
  • Lighstrip installation
  • Quite easy with 3M Sticky tape on the backside
  • Corners was hard though (I didn’t use the fixing brackets for the corner though)
  • Better if you cut the light strips as you should according to the manual (I didn’t)
  • Syncbox connecting
  • Very easy to connect and get everything to work
  • First start
  • Their own app was good and easy to setup
  • You need to add your wifi though to be able to do settings as you like with the app
  • If you don’t want to do more settings after that you can actually remove your wifi again (and app) if you like (for privacy)
  • Video and music settings (screenshots just to show what you can do)
  • Short color demo
  • Talk about how good it is and how important it is to connect the light strips in the right ports
  • In action behind tv
  • Better than Philips Hue?
  • Only 4k 30hz (fps) as max
  • Only one source (again)
  • No HDR support
  • No Siri or HomeKit support
  • Price (Philips Hue also needs all the expensive lights and a hub)
  • Different modes demo (leaving during that one)
  • Long color demo (with music)

Watch video here: 

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