My new iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB in Sierra Blue - my thoughts

I finally got my iPhone 13 Pro Max in Sierra Blue with 256GB of Storage, but as I am late to the game I will not do a normal unboxing video of it. Instead I will talk about my first impressions and thoughts after using it for some days. So check out the video below!

Video script: 

  • Much thicker and heavier than my iPhone XS Max 
  • Camera module is huge! 
  • Sierra blue matches my iPad Air 4 in Sky Blue perfectly. 
  • Stainless steel on the sides are gorgeous 
  • MagSafe is great for my new MagSafe wallet with Find My and Apple MagSafe charger for example 
  • No charger in the box.. Again, I don’t like it 
  • The display is bright. 120hz is overhyped and not necessary 
  • 5G is totally useless where I live. In fact I have not seen 5G anywhere yet… 
  • The notch is smaller but I don’t care, it has never been a problem for me. I am used to it and don’t “see” it. 
  • Aspect ratio is much better than Samsung phones because it’s wider. That is more important for me than being “notchless” 
  • I have not got any headaches or eye fatigue using it, so I believe it doesn’t have so much PWM flickering problems. 
  • Filmic Pro has support for ProRes so now I can record videos in that format. 256GB is enough for 120 minutes of recording for me after installed all the apps I need. 

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