The Apple Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic - which is the best?

In the video below I talk about the differences between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and the Apple Watch. The difference between a round watch and a rectangular. The different user cases, and what features we use on such different designs. Personally I think a rectangular watch as the Apple Watch is easier and better to use as a phone replacement. I use my Apple Watch Series 5 for a lot of stuff I used my iPhone for before. I use it to read and send emails and messages, make and answering calls and of course reading notifications. I could practically have my iPhone laying in my pocket or bag the whole time and use my Apple Watch first hand and my iPad Air 4 (2020) for all the stuff that I need a bigger display for. Like watching videos and reading.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has a round display that in my opinion looks more like a real watch, and because of the round display not so useful for using as a phone replacement because of that. It’s great if you want to have a watch that can look luxurious with watch faces that are clones of real watches like Rolex, Tag Heuer or IWC. Android based Wear OS watches are more fit to be used as real watches showing the time and for some notifications and fitness stuff. Not so much for the rest you can easily do on an Apple Watch. Easiness is the main point here. Of course you can probably do a lot of the stuff you can do on the Apple Watch but what I mean is that it’s not so practical and easy on a Galaxy Watch.

Its two user cases really. A nice looking watch that you can do simple stuff on, or a Practical watch that you actually can do useful stuff on.

Watch video below:

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