What’s my most important Apple device? The iPhone, here is why

I recently asked my followers on YouTube which Apple device they think is the most important, and the iPhone won. Only 78 voted but the iPhone won quite big. Not a big surprise. 

Here is the full results:
  1. iPhone 67% 
  2. iPad 19% 
  3. Mac 8% 
  4. AirPods 5% 
  5. Apple Watch 1% 

To me it was surprising that AirPods was so much more important than the Apple Watch. And also that so many thinks the iPad is more important than the Mac. 

For me the most important Apple devices comes in this order:
  1. iPhone 
  2. Mac 
  3. Apple Watch 
  4. iPad 
  5. AirPods 

The iPhone is number one for me because I need it as a hub for my other devices to connect to. The Apple Watch needs the iPhone and also the iPad that I Tether to the iPhone to have Internet when i am not at home.

The Mac is number two because I am dependent on it for video production and editing for my YouTube channel

I also use it for blogging and web development. I have a Mac mini M1 and it will be awesome for me for at least 5 years.

The Apple Watch is definitely in number three. It has become a very important device for me. I use more like an iPhone for messaging, adding stuff to my Day One Journal, making notes in Drafts, adding reminders and checking of reminders as done and much much more.

Number 4 is the iPad. I have an iPad Air 4 with a Magic Keyboard case, and it is my portable laptop nowadays. If I hadn’t bought the Mac, then I would definitely rank it higher because then I would edit all my videos and doing all my blogging on it too. But I do some writing, watching YouTube, watching movies and reading books on it.

Lastly, number 5 is my AirPods Pro, but they could easily have a higher rank too actually because I think they are the most innovative Apple has released since the iPhone. I really love all the features they have, like Conversation boost that is like having shearing aid built in to your AirPods, spatial audio that tracks my head movement while listening. I really like that it remembers if I want to have spatial audio on for a specific app or not. AirPods are a device that I can’t be without.

So, there you go, now you can see how you all voted, and also which order I think they are ranked.

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