Voice Dream Reader for iPhone and iPad has changed how I read and listen to books

This app for iPhone and iPad beats all ebook readers, audiobooks and other book reader apps. Voice Dream Reader makes it possible to listen and read one copy of an ebook. It reads the book aloud for you when you want, and you can read it “manually” yourself when you want, and everything in sync. And you can even read and listen at the same time in full sync. That is my preferred way of reading a book. Text To Speech has become so good nowadays that it makes it a better experience than AudioBooks with apps like this. Watch video below. 

You have a lot of customization options for both the visual experience, and the listening experience. You can change colors, fonts, backgrounds, margins and a lot more. And you can choose between over 200 different voices. Voice Dream Reader makes the experience so good that I prefer listening to a book in the app instead of listening to an ebook. With an audiobook you can’t choose the narrator, but with this app you can, and you can have the same narrator for all books. It’s so good to be able to listen to the book in my car while driving and then continue read it myself where it left of when I am coming home. All in perfect sync. 

You even get an Apple Watch app that makes it possible to listen to the book completely offline and it syncs where you left of when you come back home or to your iPhone.

I really love that you can see how many hours and minutes it’s left of the book, and that change depending on which speed you set for reading the book. My preferred speed is 180 words per minute with the voice Will for US English.

You can connect your own Calibre library, or transfer books from different cloud services, or just share a book from the files app on your iPhone or iPad to Voice Dream Reader. 

I absolutely love this app.

Watch the video here:

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