I have never been below 80% of battery life on my iPhone 13 Pro Max

I have been using my iPhone 13 Pro Max for 6 months when this video is made, and I have never been below 80% of battery life on it. And that is not because of the great battery life the iPhone has. Watch the video below on why and how.

It’s actually quite simple, just charge it as often you can and how much you can. It doesn’t matter if it already has 100% battery, put it on the charger anyway. I use wireless chargers everywhere, so I can easily charge it in my car (Mercedes), my work office, my studio at home, and between the bed when I am sleeping. So I basically charge it all the time where ever I am. And that is what you should do. It’s a myth that it can harm the battery. It’s actually the opposite. I have already proven that with my old iPhone XS Max that I have had for over three years (soon 4), and it still has 89% battery health. I did the same with that phone.

Watch video here:

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