Unboxing Logitech MX Keys Mini keyboard & Logitech MX Master 3 mouse

I’ve got some great Logitech stuff. Logitech MX Keys Mini keyboard, Logitech MX Master 3 mouse And Logitech C920 Pro HD Webcam. The keyboard is incredible. I am used to Apple’s Magic Keyboard without a numpad, without the numeric keys, so I don’t want the normal Logitech MX Keys keyboard. This mini has the exact same size as Apple Magic Keyboard. And also the same size as my iPad Magic Keyboard case. So I feel right at home. It also has incredible build-quality. And back-lit keys. Great battery life and much more. The same with the MX Master 3 mouse. Awesome build quality. I already had a MX Master 2 so this was an upgrade. Much faster, more silent. And the C920 Pro HD webcam will only be used for Microsoft Teams.

Watch video here:

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