Apple Could Finally Bring macOS to the iPad, Hopefully

I have wished for Apple to bring at least some kind of Samsung DeX mode to the iPad, for a very long time, but to no avail. Or at least fix the aspect ratio so that we don’t get the black bars at the side of the display when connected to a monitor. Hopefully all this could change soon, if the recent Apple Patents will be true. I link to an interesting article about this new rumor below:

Apple has always marketed the iPad as a laptop alternative, as most iPads always had the slogan “your next computer is not a computer”. However, even as the latest iPads feature Apple’s shiniest Apple M1 silicon, many users still opt for the Macbook as their daily driver for laptop-related needs, because of one vital difference: the Macbooks run on macOS and the iPads run on iPadOS.

Nevertheless, the reality might change soon, as recent news indicate that Apple is currently researching bringing the macOS experience to its future iPads.


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