Unboxing and Setup of BlitzWolf TV Led Strip BW-LT32 - Color syncing from your TV!

You can find promo code below! This Blitzwolf Lightstrip from Banggood uses a small camera / sensor to sync the colors from your TV to the LED TV Light Strip. It’s very easy to install and you also get a useful remote control in the package. The TV Led Strip is two meter long, and was a bit too short for my 55-inch TV. Better than Philips Hue Syncbox? It’s definitely worth it for the low price it has. Please note that the Lightstrip only covers three sides of the TV though, and only one color at a time.

Buy BlitzWolf® BW-LT32 String Lights here. Promo Code Coupon: BWLT32CQ . Price after code is just 18,69€. Also check out the Banggood Hobby Day for even more deals.

Watch video here:

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